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This article was about how different kids have different feelings as shown by the happiness survey.

Nearly two thirds of kids say that they feel happy lots of the time, and the things most likely to make them feel that way are your family, friends, being outside in nature, and playing sport. But the survey also shows that feeling down is pretty common too. About three out of four kids feel sad, scared or worried at least some of the time, and the biggest thing bothering them is the future.They also often worry about issues with friends and family, and bullying. In addition almost two thirds of kids aged 8 to 12 worry about their body, and about a quarter would like to change it.There are ways you can get over being sad. One of the easiest is having a chat with a friend or family member. Girls are more likely than boys to talk to their friends.

I understand that if this is you, it’s worth trying to speak up, because the numbers tell us that if you do you’re likely to be happier. I  also understand that we all have different feelings that we should all respect.

Is there another big component that people who feel sad go through?

Btn What are dreams?


Summary : Red

Facts : Blue 

Understandings: Green

Questions : Purple

Link :http://www.abc.net.au/btn/story/s4723106.htm

This article was about what happens when we dream.

We dream for 2 hours every night. That is six years over the course of our life! Ancient Egyptians believed dreams were messages from the gods, sent to people that the gods chose as they slept. In Ancient China, dreams were believed to be journeys taken by souls that could leave someone’s body while they were sleep. Dreaming mostly takes place when we’re in the deepest stages of sleep and our brain activity increases. This is called the “Rapid Eye Movement Phase”, this stage makes our brain activity increases and can also mimic being awake. When we dream about faces, the part of our brain that involves in facial recognition lights up. Evidence suggests dreaming is also an important part of how we remember and form memories and could slowly improve our ability to problem-solve when we’re are awake.

I now understand that dreaming mostly takes part when we are in the deepest parts of our sleep. I also understand that the ancient Chinese and the Egyptians had different beliefs on what happens when you dream.

How are we going to work out how dreams come to us?






“Hey mummy look at that!” I exclaimed.  “What is it darling?” mum questioned. “I want one of those now!” I complained. “You want that filthy creature?” Argued mum.   I sobbed on one of the chairs on the boat. Did we have to go on this stupid cruise I thought?! An idea came to me. I took my clothes off under were my bathers .I grabbed my googles and jumped into the water. Mother glanced at me “is that my little darling.”  She looked like she had seen a ghost. The seal laughed like a clown. I love you cute thing!

BTN 20 years of Harry Potter




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Facts = blue


Understandings = pink


Question = green


This video was about 20 years of Harry potter.

Harry Potter is the bestselling book series of all time. Harry Potter was rejected by many publishers. It was translated into 73 languages and started as 500 copies worldwide. I now understand that Harry Potter is a successful series. I also understand that the last Harry Potter book in the series is an act not a movie. What is J.K Rowling real name?

A big thanks to my partner Liv for all her help in this BTN !


Heat Power Point

This term we have been learning all about heat. To reflect on all the information about heat that we have learnt  we have been working on Power Points with a partner. My partner was Ben and you can also go to his blog to see our power point .To get us thinking we got some questions about heat to form the core of our Power Points.


BTN School Funding

Keys :







 This article was about the difference between the funding of private schools and public schools.Public schools get there funds mostly from the government. Private schools get most of their funds from school fees. Private and public schools both get payed from the government but at public schools the government pays for most of your education, where at private schools the parents might be paying thousands of dollars that the government doesn’t have to pay. I now understand that the government gives different amounts of money to public and private schools and the parliament is trying to decide a final amount. I also understand that the parents at private schools pay for their child’s education but at public schools the government pays for more of the child’s education.How much do parents pay to go to a private school each year? 






First Key words: people, idea, welcoming, dog, cat, home, influx, responsibility , obligation , rather, avoid, devoted, beneficial, relationship, emotional ,presence,  and physical.

First GIST:

The idea of welcoming pets into your home is something many people avoid. But owners have big relationships with their pets.

Second key words: regular, activity, choice, signing, daily, walks, furry, friend, shape, survey, 36, percent, owners, helped lose and weight,


When a pet is welcomed to your home it is something people avoid. A benefit is when walking your pet you lose weight.

Third Key Words:  impact, social life, local, park, obedience lessons, interact people, otherwise, and   contact.



There are benefits to having pets believe it or not it has an impact on social life in a good way.


Key words: children, learn, valuable, lessons, rewarding, responsibility, feeding, exercising, understanding, illness, loss, cope, equip, emotions,


Having a pet it is a great way for your children to learn valuable lessons. From responsibility feeding and caring.

Key words: boost, mood, especially, hectic, office, conversation, stresses, beloved companion, and choice.

GIST: People think there are responsibilities for a pet but there are benefits for social life for losing weight and responsibility for kids.


Over the past week we have been learning a summarizing strategy called GIST. The first step to the GIST is to predict by scanning the page. Then we identify the key words in the paragraph  we write this in 20 words or less this is the GIST.After that we find key words in the second paragraph and combine this with our first GIST together we do this in also 20 words. Finally we find key words  in our third paragraph and combine this with the first two GISTS in 20 words. Repeat if necessary. Link to the post I used for the GIST:

http://leesclassroom.global2.vic.edu.au/                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   First GIST:                                                                                                                                   Key words : evidence, humans,catching,archaeological,revels,indicate.                                    GIST : Evidence shows humans have been catching fish since 40,000  years. Archaeological  evidence reveals sea foods were elements of prehistoric diets.

Second GIST :                                                                                                                             Key words: recreational,fishing, variety, processes and catching.                                         GIST: Evidence shows humans have been fishing for years. Recreational fishing is done in many ways. Sea foods are elements of prehistoric diets.

Third GIST                                                                                                                                     Key words: most, people, consider, act and fish.                                                                       GIST:   Sea foods are elements of prehistoric diets. We have been fishing for over 40,000                  years. We fish in different



Class Speeches

If your at the airport and have a delayed plain because of fog and have to wait for 6 hours. I believe I have the best suggestions, for the time you have to wait for.

Firstly, you should contract the people your traveling  to because they might be worried about  you, because you are taking longer then expected .

Also, If your were in a rush to get to the airport and didn’t get to eat then you should go to one of the shops at the airport and buy something to eat, so you don’t get hungry.

In Addition you might have realized you have forgotten something, so you should go to the shops at he airport that sell what you need, so you have it. {Remember to stay at the airport just encase the fog clears up and you have to catch your plain.}

These are some suggestions I recommended and you should use when you plain is delayed for 6 hours because of fog.

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