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Today there was a webinar making awareness of privacy. There is a growing amount of young people between grade 3-6 are getting hacked and scammed it is a percentages of 12%.Here are some facts from 2017:
Money lost from hacks/scams:


Number of reports

161, 528

Reports with finical loses


Privacy is about controlling your personal information in the online world.

One type of hack is a

Ransomware is when you have to pay to get your computer unlocked by a hacker that is trying to get money. One type of ransomware is called a bad rabbit.Like this one bellow:Image result for bad rabbit virus

This post should rise awareness about the viruses, scams and blackmails that can occur on the internet.




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The bright moonlight revealed the pink and orange streaks in the sky. As I walked, I stroked the sand with my feet. My heart lead me across the dessert as my flashlight helped me see. As I stared at the beautiful streaks of colors of the sunset, I heard brushes of sand in the distance. Pointing my flashlight towards the noise, I saw what appeared to be a little medium haired fluffy lioness cub, it had short little goat horns, wings of a dragon and a serpent tail. Its beautiful piercing green and blue eyes smiled at me. She slowly paw by paw walked towards me. I picked her up and stroked it with my hands. I felt a soft sensation. She purred and licked me on my face. What a beautiful creature!

Herald sun for kids







 This article was about the killer volcano in Hawaii.Kilauea volcano in Hawaii spews lava and fountains of toxic gases into the streets. It has already destroyed 26 homes.Some people were allowed to rush home on Sunday to collect pets and other important things such as medicines during a quiet few hours with less volcanic activity. Other areas were too dangerous to return to because of the poisonous sulfur dioxide gases coming out of the earth. There was a powerful 6.9 magnitude earthquake on the volcano’s south side on Friday, the strongest earthquake since 1975. The earthquake caused rock slides in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, and caused a coastal cliff to collapse into the ocean. The earthquake also caused a small sea-level rise but no tsunami. Scientists are predicting more earthquakes and eruptions, perhaps for months.If we didn’t have volcanic eruptions would it help the earth or does the earth need volcanoes? Is it natural for the volcano to be going on for months or is this a rare phenomenon?I know understand how much this volcano is bringing distraught to the residents of Hawaii.


…’when did it arrive?’


“Bella wake up!” Yelled my mother. I groaned and slowly got out of bed. As I walked out of my bedroom my mother jumped out and said “Happy Birthday!”

“Oh is that today why are we celebrating how I’m getting closer to death.” I groaned

“Oh come sweetheart that’s not the attitude, anyways I think I’ve got something that will cheer you up.” I slowly trudged towards the kitchen. What I saw amazed me it was a fluffy little puppy “when did this arrive?” I said. “Just today”, my mum smiled with a smile on her face.


Footsteps slowly creaked on every step of the stairs. The bedroom door handle turned slowly. “Kill” the soft but deep voice echoed in the room. She quickly covered the sheets over herself. The door creaked open and the slow footsteps were coming closer. The footsteps stopped. It reached out grabbed the sheets and pulled them back. All she could see was a sharp knife. “Augh! “She screamed. “Why did I scream?” She softly said to herself. The morning sun shone throw the open window. The wind swished the curtains side to side. She got out of bed and walked towards the window. She stayed there gazing at the green lushes grass. As she looked down she saw a rope attached to the window that went all the way down to the ground. How did this get here? She said out loud. She walked towards the door she saw this sharp knife on the floor. She shivered. “Kill” the soft whisper echoed in the room. Zoey yelled at the top of her lungs “Augh!” She suddenly sprinted down the stairs at the speed of Usain Bolt. As she was running she felt incapacitate pain in her heart like someone was stabbing her. “Mum” Zoey screamed. Zoey collapsed. “Thump!” “Zoey!!” Her mum quickly ran up the stairs. Her mum sat down next to her. She put her hand on Zoey’s heart she felt nothing. A river tears rushed down her face. That fell right onto Zoey’s face to form a word Kill. “Kill” the soft whisper was right in Zoey’s mother’s ear like someone was right there whispering the word to her. Isabell crunched her popcorn as the credits started to roll on the cinemas projection screen.





A cold shiver ran down my spine as I entered the MISTY graveyard. Something was urging me to come. Walking cautiously through the grave yard, I see a white figure in the distance. I felt a cold breeze as it came towards me. It rapidly sank under the ground. I SHOUTED and FRANTICALLY started running. I stopped, gasped for air as I checked behind me. The figure disappeared. An old GRAVE was in front of me. Bending down to remove the dust, the name “Amy CRIMSON” appeared. A hot sweat covered face as this was my name.

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This article was about why so many earthquakes form around the ring of fire.September 29th, about 7am, a series of massive waves ripped through coastal villages in Samoa. It was caused by a huge earthquake on the sea floor just off the Samoan coast. Just one day later a powerful earthquake hit the Indonesian island of Sumatra. Hundreds were killed and injured.That’s about 10,000 kms away so it’s really unlikely that one earthquake could have caused another and earthquakes are happening all the time so the timing was probably just coincidence. Scientists are still looking into that.About 90% of the world’s earthquakes happen in the ring of fire.Some of the largest earthquakes we’ve ever seen, like the one that caused this massive tsunami in 2004, happened in the Ring of Fire. Its also home to three quarters of the world’s volcanoes and some of the biggest eruptions. This is no coincidence and it shows us a lot about what’s going on under the earth.We usually think of the ground we stand on as being “rock solid”  If you went down far enough you’d find red hot molten rock. The thin, cool layer we live on floats on top. It’s called the crust but its not one solid piece.Its made up of huge slabs called tectonic plates and you’ll notice that quite a few meet along the Ring of Fire. Tectonic plates drift on the liquid rock, slowly changing shape and position over time. Scientist reckon over millions of years the drifting tectonic plates changed the shape of continents completely but they only move about the rate that your fingernails grow so you can’t see it happen.Volcanoes can also happen when plates meet and earthquakes. Sometimes underwater earthquakes cause tsunamis; massive waves like the one that hit Samoa.What was Australia connected to before tectonic plates moved? How regular does a volcano erupt?  Now I understand that 90% earthquakes happen around the ring of fire.






Briskly walking through the park, I came across a lady holding a coffee. I waked it. The coffee went over her. “Have anything to say girl”. “No, do you?” She walked off with an angry look. Coming past was a man jogging. I stuck my foot out. He fell to the ground. “What was that for?” “I felt like it!” As he stood up, his leg was bleeding. As he walked off, I called  out “You’re welcome.” Suddenly my leg started to get rock hard. My legs started to stretch. When the solidness reached my chin I gasped for air.



Although they ran quickly, they were still not making enough progress…


I and Lola quickly ran. Our self-replicas were running behind us. What had happened was that Lola found this weird object and curiously pressed one of the buttons and here we are stuck in time. What Lola had found was a time machine. If we looked at the replica we will be stuck in time. Although they ran quickly they were still not making enough progress so we quickly hid behind a thick tree. Lola pressed the button on time machine.” Girls its school wake up” there mother called.

Fashion kids BTN








This article was about how kids are getting in the fashion world and are designing at a young age.Nowadays fashion design is a huge worldwide industry. Labels and brands are everywhere and the world’s best designers can make lots of money by creating and selling their ideas. For young designers it’s not just about coming up with a new idea and making it. They also have to think about how they’re going to market their clothing. So people would want to buy their design over someone else’s.Who was the youngest designer in the world? Who was the first female designer? Who is the most famous designer in the world? I now understand that no matter your age you can design at any age.