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This article was about how the Victorian government has decided to limit the amount of breeding [dogs and cats] a business.

Recently, police and the RSPCA rescued 119 small dogs and six cats from a breeder in Victoria because the animals were mistreated.  The Victoria government wants to be the first to ban [puppies and kittens] from pet shops. RSPCA says it’s been investigating more than 40 [cats and dogs] over the past year in Victoria alone.

From this article I understood how important it is to adopt a rescued dog or cat. Also, how under these new laws how some businesses will have to shut down.

I know wonder if the new laws will stop for all the bad breeders?

100 word challenge


prompt-fast supper Gloucester cathedral




‘Emily there’s nothing in the pantry for lunch’ sighed her mum.  ‘Let’s go to Joe’s Hamburgers’ pleaded Emily. ‘Fine’ they closed the front door behind them. They jumped off the front porch, and jumped into the car. ‘I’m going to Joe’s Hamburgers’ repeated Emily in a song. ‘You act like your two’ mum said ‘We’re finally here’ cheered Emily. ‘No one around’ said her mum as she stepped out of the car. Just outside the door of the store was a new sculpture. It had two hands made out of paper Masha holding a clay sculptured hamburger. It looked weird but creative and inviting.

100 word challenge



Chloe felt sweaty as she zig zagged amongst the crowd. The bright orange lights made her dizzy. ‘Mum I’m tired of shopping’. She looked around frantically. Her heart pounded. Her mum was not there. In the distance standing on its hind legs she saw an image of a crocodile. ‘MUM!’ she gasped ‘I’m coming for you!’ Chloe ran forward within the wide narrow cave. ‘AHHHHH!’ she screamed as glass collapsed on her. ‘Darling are you all right?’ said the shop assistant as Chloe lay dazed on the ground. Where’s your mother?’ Chloe looked around expecting to see her. Mum? Mum where are you?


100 Word challenge


 Prompt  I just couldn’t eat something so…


‘Mum can we buy a packet of marshmallows?’ ‘Maybe…. fine’ .I pushed the trolley to the cash register $56 dollars please. Mum handed the money we walked back to the house. We eventually arrived at the house. I walked to my bedroom in a slow stroll. My head hit the pillow. My sister walked in do you want to play.NO I said very tiredly. Mum came in with the packet of marshmallows I ripped the packet open. I grabbed one out I put it in my mouth it tasted sooo mouldy I just couldn’t eat it mum I need water!

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Hi my name is Mariana

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This blog will show my progress and work during through my years of school

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