Prompt: … in the flash of lightning I saw …

 Story:  My little sister ran in drenched “It’s raining Molly” said Millie “Ok” I said as my eyes were transfixed at my book. ‘I’m scared!’ trembled Mille “because the book you read to me said that every time lightning strikes you lose something”  ‘It’s fake” argued Molly ‘MOLLY!’ Mille cried out.  ‘It’s just lightning and I’m trying to read. ’Mollie said frustrated “MOLLY!!” she said only louder this time. I looked away from my book and in the flash of lightning I saw my sisters head disappear of her neck. Everything is disappearing like in the book.

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  1. Hi Mariana,
    Your blog is really cool. This writing you have witten is really good and I love how you have used specific words that are synonyms to words that are really simple. Great Blog!

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