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If your at the airport and have a delayed plain because of fog and have to wait for 6 hours. I believe I have the best suggestions, for the time you have to wait for.

Firstly, you should contract the people your traveling  to because they might be worried about  you, because you are taking longer then expected .

Also, If your were in a rush to get to the airport and didn’t get to eat then you should go to one of the shops at the airport and buy something to eat, so you don’t get hungry.

In Addition you might have realized you have forgotten something, so you should go to the shops at he airport that sell what you need, so you have it. {Remember to stay at the airport just encase the fog clears up and you have to catch your plain.}

These are some suggestions I recommended and you should use when you plain is delayed for 6 hours because of fog.

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