First Key words: people, idea, welcoming, dog, cat, home, influx, responsibility , obligation , rather, avoid, devoted, beneficial, relationship, emotional ,presence,  and physical.

First GIST:

The idea of welcoming pets into your home is something many people avoid. But owners have big relationships with their pets.

Second key words: regular, activity, choice, signing, daily, walks, furry, friend, shape, survey, 36, percent, owners, helped lose and weight,


When a pet is welcomed to your home it is something people avoid. A benefit is when walking your pet you lose weight.

Third Key Words:  impact, social life, local, park, obedience lessons, interact people, otherwise, and   contact.



There are benefits to having pets believe it or not it has an impact on social life in a good way.


Key words: children, learn, valuable, lessons, rewarding, responsibility, feeding, exercising, understanding, illness, loss, cope, equip, emotions,


Having a pet it is a great way for your children to learn valuable lessons. From responsibility feeding and caring.

Key words: boost, mood, especially, hectic, office, conversation, stresses, beloved companion, and choice.

GIST: People think there are responsibilities for a pet but there are benefits for social life for losing weight and responsibility for kids.

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