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This article was about how Australia is falling behind other countries in education.

There’s one area where Australians are falling behind and that could affect the whole country’s education. When tests from around the world are compared Australia doesn’t score as high as some other places. In reading and in science, Australia is sitting at seventh place. In maths there are twelve places where kids perform better. That might not sound bad the big worry is that Australia seems to be slipping behind. Earlier this year a report put out by this guy; David Gonski. He said education in Australia isn’t as good as it should be. One big problem kids who go to schools in wealthy areas tend to do better than kids at disadvantaged schools. Gonski wanted to make this fairer by giving more money to the schools that need it the most. Well, now the Prime Minister has responded to the report. While she’s not doing everything Gonski suggested, she’s announced some big changes to the way schools are funded. And she says there’ll be more money for kids that need extra help.The PM’s changes will cost about six and a half billion dollars. Some say 13 years is too long to wait for a better education system. Still, many say it’s a huge step in the right direction.

I now understand that Australia is falling behind other countries in education. I also understand that we are aiming to get better and hope that to be in 13 years.

What are other country’s doing different to Australia?

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  1. You’ve chosen an interesting story to look at Mariana; particularly for a student. When looking at news stories such as these remember to look at the date the story was published. This story was in 2013 and we now have a different government and Prime Minister. This would mean a change in government policy. Finally I really liked your question. By knowing what other countries are doing we can get some insights for Australia.

  2. Thanks Lee, from now on I will check the dates of the BTNS. However, I have read that we are still behind in education compared to the rest of the world. I read an article that was published this year that has Australia ranking 39 out of 41 countries from the European Union. I have answered one part of my question about what other countries are doing differently to Australia. In some countries they still use traditional methods of teaching such as rote learning to teach their kids.

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