The ball come straight for me. Bang! I couldn’t feel my body I fell to the ground. There was total darkness. Lifting my head, speckles of light emerged. The silhouette of tall trees could be seen from a distance. Suddenly, they started disintegrating. A pile of sticks fell to the ground which then rose and formed into shapes of people. They stomped with great force towards me.

“Food” they murmured to each other.

They approached closer. I jumped as one of them touched me with its sharp branches. “Are you okay?” he asked. The light became clearer. My brother’s face appeared.








BTN Democracy







This article was about Democracy how it has made and how it is used around the world.

To give the people more of a say on big decision/s the Greeks came up with something they called democracy! Democracy is a made up of two Greek words. Demos meaning people and Kratos meaning power or rule. So together it means rule of the people.The Ancient Greeks were some of the first people to experiment with better ways of leading their people.

While their system was far from fair, it was a pretty revolutionary idea while it lasted.Some really important values also form the basis of our democracy here in Australia. We are guaranteed the freedom to express our views without getting into trouble, equal rights for people from all different backgrounds and the right to justice and a fair and independent trial.

That’s democracy in Australia, but democracy isn’t the only form of government Some countries, like Saudi Arabia and Qatar, are an absolute monarchy. That’s when someone born into a royal family has complete control over the people and all laws and decisions are made by that person or family. A dictatorship is another form of government. It’s similar to an absolute monarchy in that one leader has power over a country, but they usually aren’t royal. Instead, dictators often take control of a country by force. North Korea and Zimbabwe are considered dictatorships. In these countries, people usually don’t have a lot of rights and often aren’t looked after very well by their rulers.

I now understand that democracy is now one of the most popular form off government in the world.I now understand that in Australia we have a representative democracy.

When were women first aloud to vote?


“THIS PLACE IS AWESOME!” Chloe screamed.

“Wow that ride looks fun.”  Said Chloe.

“Were not going on that r. Last year it broke down and 10 people died.” Argued Chloe’s father

“WE ARE!” Screamed Chloe as she walked to the ride.

“You can’t ride this you’re too short.” Said the ride manager.

“YES I WILL!” Yelled Chloe.

“Fine! “He accepted.

He opened the gate all three of them buckled their belts.  They were moving very fast when Chloe slipped through the belt and fell. They got off Chloe’s mother asked with tears “

Chloe can you hear me?”

There was no answer.

Semester 1 Goals

What I want to learn:

I would like to improve my timetables because I stumble on some of them. I have already decided and disused how long I will practice at home with my parents and decided that this will be my focus. We decided that every night I should focus on one timetable once I have learnt that timetable I would focus on another and repeat the old one. The reason I will repeat the old one is because in the past I have learnt a timetable but because  I go learn another one I forget the one I just learnt .

How I learn and behave:

I would like to show my great leadership skills more. A way I can improve this skill is when the opportunity comes to always take the chance to lead the class. I can show the class and help the class become more collaborative. This skill will help the class and me at the same time.


About me



I am Mariana and I will tell you a little about myself.

Some of my character traits are: patience, creativity, artistic, and honest.

My favourite activity outside of school is ballet. I learn technical ballet but my dance style is contemporary ballet. I am also a swimmer and swim in silver squad. I learn Greek as a second language – my family’s descent is Greek. Both of my grandparents from both sides speak Greek and I have relatives in Greece. Finally, I have acted in 3 plays and enjoy drama. Two of the plays I have been in I have been the main character.

In school I enjoy all subjects. I play violin and learn chess in chess club and have won 4 trophies in chess.


I have a family of four .My Mum’s name is Betty,  my Dad’s name is Nick and my 8 year old brother Andrew. My mum is an early childhood teacher and an ESL teacher for adults, my dad is an automotive teacher.

In the future I have considered being a vet, architect, interior designer, primary school teacher, swimmer or dancer. But I still have many years to decide.

I really want a pet but at the moment it isn’t the right time but in my life time I have had a German shepherd crossed with a malamute her name was Kya and we had a cat called Elie.

My dream pet would either be a Holland lop bunny or some sort of miniature toy poodle.


That is a little bit about me and I hope you learnt something new about me.