Footsteps slowly creaked on every step of the stairs. The bedroom door handle turned slowly. “Kill” the soft but deep voice echoed in the room. She quickly covered the sheets over herself. The door creaked open and the slow footsteps were coming closer. The footsteps stopped. It reached out grabbed the sheets and pulled them back. All she could see was a sharp knife. “Augh! “She screamed. “Why did I scream?” She softly said to herself. The morning sun shone throw the open window. The wind swished the curtains side to side. She got out of bed and walked towards the window. She stayed there gazing at the green lushes grass. As she looked down she saw a rope attached to the window that went all the way down to the ground. How did this get here? She said out loud. She walked towards the door she saw this sharp knife on the floor. She shivered. “Kill” the soft whisper echoed in the room. Zoey yelled at the top of her lungs “Augh!” She suddenly sprinted down the stairs at the speed of Usain Bolt. As she was running she felt incapacitate pain in her heart like someone was stabbing her. “Mum” Zoey screamed. Zoey collapsed. “Thump!” “Zoey!!” Her mum quickly ran up the stairs. Her mum sat down next to her. She put her hand on Zoey’s heart she felt nothing. A river tears rushed down her face. That fell right onto Zoey’s face to form a word Kill. “Kill” the soft whisper was right in Zoey’s mother’s ear like someone was right there whispering the word to her. Isabell crunched her popcorn as the credits started to roll on the cinemas projection screen.

4 thoughts on “Kill

  1. Hi Mariana, that is a really good piece of writing it really made you think that you were in the action or the girl was the main idea of the story. One thing I noticed was that you spelt Zoe like Zoey did you do that for a reason or was it an error. Really good word choice.
    Great job!

  2. Geese Mariana…. ^0^. That was awesome, suspenseful, and just so you. I loved it. Did anything inspire you??? Apart from always saying that you won’t come to school tomorrow, because you’ll get some serious disease. Anyway, i thought that was amazing.

  3. HILARIOUS SO FUNNY! Your always so funny. Thanks i thought it was time for I bit of a horror. Do not usually write texts like this. Thanks so much!

  4. Hi Charlotte, funny you ask about spelling Zoe with a y. To be honest i did not really think about it i just ended up typing i why. Who knows. Anyway i have recently been reading your writing so jaw dropping i love your work.

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