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As I scrolled down on the EU  ZARA  website jealous of all of the beautiful clothing and accessories. I felt like buying myself just a little treat because I had just finished my exams. Then suddenly I got a urge and I started to click on clothing and adding it into my cart. With fifteen things in my cart I quickly rushed through the details and saw something that said: MUST READ! Under it was a page of small writing I couldn’t be bothered so I scrolled past the small letters and clicked Pay. I sighed with relief. I closed the tabs. Then suddenly something popped up in the middle of my computer screen: You have bought more than ten items this amount is illegal to transport from oversees because of this you will have to pay 90,000 fine. I quickly typed but I didn’t understand the instructions!

2 thoughts on “100wc

  1. Ha. I loved that Mariana! It was also really realistic. I could imagine buying so many things, and not reading the fine print. It had a nice rhythm…… I have no idea what rhythm means, but something good….

  2. So funny thanks so sweet. Always love reading your writing just amazing every time I read your work I am blown away. Thanks for commenting on my blog.

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