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This article was about how a team of experts the ABC’s science show Catalyst put two brave families to the test with a fake natural disaster with help from some cameras, special effects, and a team of experts the ABC’s science show Catalyst put two brave families to the test.Keeping a clear head when you’re under stress isn’t easy. Your brains designed to work differently when you feel fear. You stop focusing on details or listening to instructions.The kids are actually doing better than the adults and that might be because they’ve spent more time thinking about cyclones. They’ve done assignments at school so now they can remember what to do. When the family tries to evacuate the kids stop them from making a huge mistake, driving through flood water.Whereas, in Sydney the fire front is approaching and the Matthews are battling small fires started by embers.They’re wearing glasses to make things dark just like the smoke would in real life and in earphones they can hear the roar of the fire. Then there’s an alarm from inside. With their kitchen on fire the family head into the bathroom, again, not a great idea. In here they’re trapped with no way of knowing what’s going on in other parts of the house. Then water floods in.Experts say it’s really important to have a plan and know it well. Everyone in the family should have jobs to do and you should practice them together. That way when fear kicks in and your brain turns to mush your memory and your instincts will guide you in the right direction.I now understand that we all hope that a disaster never affects us, but being prepared and knowing the risks is the best way to stay safe.Do you get paid to be put under this test or do the people have to pay?Has any test gone wrong?

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