Special prompt #2 (18)


Tears rushed down the face of a stressed and depressed face of beautiful girl. Opening her eyes expecting to see the comforting layers of sheets that covered her from the shivering cold night. Instead see saw the lushes green ferns of a perplexing and breathtaking forest. An object indescribable from the distance. The girl took steps closer to what now seemed to be a mirror. She thought about what this could symbolize. She looked at the mirror with a look of realization. Not because she realized how beautiful she was but because she realized that there was only one person stopping her. Herself.

2 thoughts on “100wc

  1. Hi Mariana,
    I loved the concept of your story. Fantastic use of punctuation, spelling and grammar.
    Kind regards, Eloise

  2. Thanks Eloise I loved your 100wc challenge so powerful to all those people suffering that issue thanks for commenting on my blog.

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