Once Review

Morris Gleitzman

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Summary: Felix a young orphan is longing to see his parents. Felix isn’t loving the life as an orphan. When people come to burn the orphanages Jewish books. Felix is desperate to find his parents. So he decides to escape from the orphanage. All though Felix may think, he is free he is in lots of danger. Through his adventure he discovers friendship, loyalty, hope and luck.


Difficulty: the genre of the story is a little complex and scary to kids below 8 or 9. But the difficulty of the wording, sentences or complexity of meanings isn’t difficult. The most complex technique is Morris Gleitzman’s use of symbolism. The overall age rating is 9+.


Overall Recommendation: I would recommend Once to people who are interested in the Second World War. Once is a great for people who love stories about cruelty, war , sadness  and a bite of reality that shows us how brutal our world really was.

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