The Ancient Study of Astronomy


3 Facts:

  • Ptolemy was most known for because of his discovery the Ptolemaic System
  • Hipparchus cataloged lots of stars and discovered Procession of the Equinoxes – a term for the wobbling of the Earth around its axis.
  • In about 12,000 years the north star will no longer be Polaris and will actually be Vega.


2 Questions:

  • What was the very first astronomical discovery made?
  • In ancient times where there any countries or cultures that were unaware of any astronomical knowledge or had no access of calendars and other astronomical discoveries that helped other peoples lives?


1 Understanding:

  • I  now know and understand how limited they were in the ancient times to all the resources we have now days.  Yet they were capable of all these life changing discoveries,  that we should be really taking for granted.

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