School Captain Speech

School Captain Speech

Before I start my speech, I would like to acknowledge the traditional land owners the Wurundjeri people and pay respect to their elders, past and present.

Good morning 5/6 students and staff.

For those of who don’t know me, my name is Mariana Galanopoulos – quite a mouthful or a challenge for those who cannot role their r’s. I am standing here today putting the case forward as to why I should be the next school captain. I have been part of this school since prep, and I have always loved the nurturing, safe environment and the close and inviting feel of the Moonee Ponds community. This great school is my second home. I am honored to speak to you today as I nominate for school captain.

Today most of our speeches will mention the qualities that make a great school captain. Sometimes these qualities can be expressed just as words, but I think it really matters how we interpret these words, whether we have these characteristics and how we show them. As they say “actions speak louder than words”.

I will start by telling you about myself. In the last few years I’ve pursued a lot of my interests and through this I have learnt many lessons which have shaped me into the person I am now. In particular, my confidence has evolved over time. It has grown through constantly challenging myself and going out of my comfort zone. I started off hiding behind my parents and when strangers asked me a question nothing would come out of my mouth, literally. But now I want to put myself out there. I relish in taking on different and new opportunities and understand the benefits of challenging myself.

In netball, I have demonstrated resilience and that I work well in a team. Never having played netball, last year I joined the school’s netball team, The Moonee Ponds Stars. You wouldn’t believe just how much our team has developed and improved since we started. Through hard work, collaboration and sheer determination we have gone from being the underdogs with a

losing streak to the team to beat; we have now won every game of the last two seasons!

Collaboration, teamwork and commitment are all qualities that I have learnt through my involvement in sports and the arts, including the MVIMP concerts, music camp and ballet. I understand the importance of everyone working closely together, listening patiently to one another and each team member being responsible for their contribution to successfully produce a piece of performing art. Dance and music have broadened my horizons and these skills will help me in a leadership role. As captain, I would always strive for our school to put its best foot forward and to work together to achieve the best we can.

As well as being collaborative, I work really well independently. This is shown in my love for swimming. Since joining North West Aquatics 10 months ago, I have gone from being a bronze to silver squad swimmer and have started swimming competitively. At the start it felt like a lot to take on; often I thought I had reached my limit, yet I always found that little more to give. When competing I draw on my self-confidence and try not to look back with self-doubt. Swimming competitively has taught me that if you’re goal-oriented, believe in yourself and work hard you can reach your goal and achieve your personal best. As a school captain, I would aim to encourage you to do your best and help you in any way I can. You only need to ask.

I am often told that I am a creative problem-solver. I attribute this to playing advanced chess and to learning other languages, Greek and Italian. Chess is dependent on problem-solving skills and strategic thinking and I find that you can apply these skills to life. In life you often have to resolve problems by making the best possible decision that is also fair. Fairness and inclusiveness are very important qualities as a school captain. In Greek school, as part of learning a language we organise theatrical plays each year. I have been involved in script writing, casting students in roles and distributing tasks. In this role, it has been important for me to be inclusive and fair to all.

By taking on many new experiences, I have also learnt to be adaptable and flexible. In Tournaments of the Mind, for instance,

we had to plan our presentation, but adapt to many changes as we developed our final project. Being involved in this experience, also required me to be a good listener, highly organised, to think spontaneously, and to make a valuable contribution. In general, I always try to listen attentively to my peers. I am very approachable, and I love helping people; it gives me great happiness and a sense of accomplishment. As a school captain, I will always make time to listen to you and will respect and value your ideas.

This year, I was selected as an SRC representative of our class. In this role I am always cooperative and inclusive. I also aim to be a good role model. As the oldest students of the school we need to be mindful that our everyday actions are observed by all the younger students. For instance, our buddies look up to us all; they are at the very start of discovering their own identities and need good mentors. I’ve also seen this within my family – I am the oldest in my family. I have a brother Andrew, who is 8, and I have 3 cousins aged 2 to 5. In being a role model, I have learnt that everyone, no matter their age, can teach us a lot of valuable lessons.

Another quality of a leader is a good communicator. I love communicating; sometimes I can’t stop talking. Just ask my friends – that’s one of the reasons they’re looking forward to their holidays. I can pass on information well. I feel comfortable talking to students, parent, teachers and the leadership team. I can adapt my communication to any situation.

Now, if you were wondering, “Will she ever finish?”, I am pleased to let you know, I am coming to the end. I did mention, I can’t stop talking…

In conclusion, I am running for school captain as I would like to represent the school through strong leadership and to make a valuable contribution to the school. Moonee Ponds Primary School has done so much for me and I am eager to take this opportunity as a school captain to give back and to continue developing my leadership skills. Together, I believe we can grow and flourish whilst actively promoting the school values of Care,

Collaboration, Respect and Optimism. I promise to instill passion, commitment and enthusiasm in this role.

Thank you for listening and I wish all the candidates the best. But don’t forget… Vote 1 for Mariana! Or for those of who speak Italian or Greek, “Voti uno per Mariana” or “Ψηφίστε ένα για Μαριάννα”.

Mariana Galanopoulos.

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