When they took over

When they took over

Elouera raced down the dirt track. She loved being free. Her spear was tightly grasped in her hand. As she ran, the little rocks on the path hurt her bare feet but she got used to it. Every day it hurt less. The stream was in site. In the blink of an eye, there were little things jumping out of the water. She was at the edge of the stream trying to understand how not to scare the fish. She was ready to go into the flowing water when she realised that she needed something to lour the fish in. She walked out of the water and onto the dirt. She started to stomp on the ground as this was a technique her father taught her for louring worms. When the worms hear the stomping they think it is rain, and for some reason they love rain. A few started to come out, and Elouera grabbed them. There were at least ten of them. She grabbed them and walked back to the edge of the stream. She slowly walked into the glittering water. Her feet shivered with cold. She kept walking into the crystal water. The worms wriggled in her left hand. In her right hand still tightly clutched was her spear. She was now in the middle of the crystal clear water. She grabbed her spear and fed the worm through the pointy part of the spear. She then put the spear in the water and the fish slowly started to come. She opened her hand and released the rest of the worms into the stream. There were at least ten fish surrounding her. Elouera grabbed one with her bare hands and threw it on the land.


Something rustled in the bushes. Elouera wondered if it was the Rainbow Serpent she had heard about in the Dreamtime stories. This curious girl always wanted to see the Rainbow Serpent so there she stood remaining silent. All that could be heard was the whistling breeze in the distance. She threw a fish towards the bush. Something jumped out and took it. She suddenly saw her brother Adoni. ‘Adoni!’ Elouera yelled at him. She wanted to hunt more than Adoni so her father would be proud of her. All of a sudden, Adoni had completely gone out of sight. One by one Elouera threw the fish on land. She had about twenty fish. There was a piece of curved bark lying on the ground. She knew that was how she was going to take her food home. She walked slowly out of the water. She suddenly hesitated. In the distance was a figure which had a long tail and a pouch. Elouera extended her right hand back. The tip of the spear pointed at the figure as she thrust the spear towards it. It suddenly collapsed and Elouera rushed out of the water and grabbed the animal’s tail. She was out of the water. She gathered all the fish and put them on the bark and lifted it up in her left hand. She walked up to the animal and grabbed its tail and dragged it along the dirt track.

Her long brown hair flowed in the wind. From memory, Elouera knew home was close. ‘Biyanga’(dad), ‘Wiyanaga’(mum) called Elouera. She heard strange noises and hesitated. Suddenly, she hid behind a bush. Her home was no longer her home. There were spears everywhere on the ground. The camp fire was wrecked. There were people walking around in odd clothes. Elouera realised that they weren’t people, they were spirits from the dead. Their skin was so white. Those ‘Pesky Indians!’ said one of the spirits. Elouera crawled around to the other side of the tree. All her family were lying on the ground. She crawled over to them. “Biyanga, Wiyanya, Adoni!” she whispered. They didn’t wake up. The spirits were on the other side of the tree so they could not see her. She crawled back into the bushes. She crawled back to the other side. She saw the spirits put up a long stick into the ground and raised it up. They tied something on the top of it which swayed backwards and forwards with the wind. It had bright colours, blue, red and white with unusual shapes. A tear rushed down her face. Suddenly, a fierce rain started and thunder struck.

(2017- 26th January-Australia Day)

There is a fierce rain and the sky is lit up with lightening. Alikira is looking over at the next door neighbour’s house. There is a large Australian flag in the backyard. She is standing at the fence. There is a group of people surrounding a BBQ. Loud music is playing. People are laughing and having fun. A tear rushes down her face.

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