2018 Reflection of the Year

What we could better

This year I think the teachers should’ve taught us more as an individual person. This year I felt that we all had the same work and that we were all taught one way. I think it would be better if each student got work according to their level the student is working at. I also think that a student needs to be more supported by their teacher. To be supported by the teacher, the teacher must understand what you as a student will learn best by and to teach in a specific way and the work given should be targeted for their specific level. This year I felt that the kids that needed that extra push and help got it and the kids that needed to be extended had to help themselves.  This year we had the advantage of a very good Hotmaths book. We didn’t use it at all and a couple of students who knew how good it was they started to work through it in their own time. I think it would have been great to have it continue in 2019, and if not in a class setting it as homework along with the Hotmaths online. The 5/6 cohort should make some adjustments to the Homework, the 100wc, 3,2,1, Reading Logs, Hotmaths and sometimes debates and speeches are good. I think that teachers should maybe give students a small homework task to improve a goal a student is working towards and when the homework is due for the student to have completed that goal. This year I was lucky enough to see the grade 6s graduation. I have a couple of suggests on how to improve the graduation. Maybe we could give a medal or a small trophy along with the graduation certificate. We could also make a video instead of a slideshow for when families are arriving in the Gym. This year we did digital technology for the first time. It was really fun to code I think for next year each group could be assigned, a specific problem that a Mars Rover may encounter and then the students would have to code that into their Edison’s. The last suggestion is that now we have 2 school captains, I think it would be really good if, we had 4 school captains. Since each house has 4 captains each and the houses are much smaller than the whole school, why do we have only 2 school captains?

Advice for year 5’s

Some advice I would give to next years and years to come year 5’s, is to use the opportunities given to you as an advantage to learn from it. Year five is full of leadership opportunities such as SRC, Green Team/Captain, School captain, SEPEP Roles, House Captain, and Gala and Winter Sports Captains. One very important thing that I have learned from this year is that you don’t need one of these roles to be a leader. You can lead by example and show all the great qualities of a leader. A great advantage of having composite classes is that the year 6s can always help you. This year the year 6’s have taught me a lot of new things. One thing that they taught me that I will not forget is to make the most of the short time we have. In year five there are a lot of brand new things the best way to fully understand is to always ask questions. You should never be afraid to ask questions. In class be attentive take notes as you go through the lesson, try your best and challenge yourself. The most important thing about year 5 is to make sure you are having fun and make school fun for yourself and others. The biggest advice I could give is to make the most of the time you have and work hard you only have two years left of Primary School.

 What we did well in 5/6 this year

I thought it was really good that before we went to Canberra our Topic was on Government. Sometimes it could get a bit confusing but once we got to Canberra it all became much clearer. Canberra was so much fun I never thought learning so much in 5 days could be so much fun. Another camp that I was lucky enough to go on is music camp. I love how much our school is passionate about MVIMP and was excited to go to MVIMP camp. MVIMP Camp was the best experience it really improved my violin skills. It was also a great opportunity to meet all the different kids from the other schools. This year I thought that the teacher really celebrated the 6s graduating. They got fish and chips and got to go to a pool party. I thought was really cool and hope that continues in the next year. From all the years being at MPPS I think that the structure of our lessons {GANAG} is really good because it is consistent and an easy structure to follow. In our lessons, we also have really great resources to use.

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