2018 Reflection of the Year

What we could better

This year I think the teachers should’ve taught us more as an individual person. This year I felt that we all had the same work and that we were all taught one way. I think it would be better if each student got work according to their level the student is working at. I also think that a student needs to be more supported by their teacher. To be supported by the teacher, the teacher must understand what you as a student will learn best by and to teach in a specific way and the work given should be targeted for their specific level. This year I felt that the kids that needed that extra push and help got it and the kids that needed to be extended had to help themselves.  This year we had the advantage of a very good Hotmaths book. We didn’t use it at all and a couple of students who knew how good it was they started to work through it in their own time. I think it would have been great to have it continue in 2019, and if not in a class setting it as homework along with the Hotmaths online. The 5/6 cohort should make some adjustments to the Homework, the 100wc, 3,2,1, Reading Logs, Hotmaths and sometimes debates and speeches are good. I think that teachers should maybe give students a small homework task to improve a goal a student is working towards and when the homework is due for the student to have completed that goal. This year I was lucky enough to see the grade 6s graduation. I have a couple of suggests on how to improve the graduation. Maybe we could give a medal or a small trophy along with the graduation certificate. We could also make a video instead of a slideshow for when families are arriving in the Gym. This year we did digital technology for the first time. It was really fun to code I think for next year each group could be assigned, a specific problem that a Mars Rover may encounter and then the students would have to code that into their Edison’s. The last suggestion is that now we have 2 school captains, I think it would be really good if, we had 4 school captains. Since each house has 4 captains each and the houses are much smaller than the whole school, why do we have only 2 school captains?

Advice for year 5’s

Some advice I would give to next years and years to come year 5’s, is to use the opportunities given to you as an advantage to learn from it. Year five is full of leadership opportunities such as SRC, Green Team/Captain, School captain, SEPEP Roles, House Captain, and Gala and Winter Sports Captains. One very important thing that I have learned from this year is that you don’t need one of these roles to be a leader. You can lead by example and show all the great qualities of a leader. A great advantage of having composite classes is that the year 6s can always help you. This year the year 6’s have taught me a lot of new things. One thing that they taught me that I will not forget is to make the most of the short time we have. In year five there are a lot of brand new things the best way to fully understand is to always ask questions. You should never be afraid to ask questions. In class be attentive take notes as you go through the lesson, try your best and challenge yourself. The most important thing about year 5 is to make sure you are having fun and make school fun for yourself and others. The biggest advice I could give is to make the most of the time you have and work hard you only have two years left of Primary School.

 What we did well in 5/6 this year

I thought it was really good that before we went to Canberra our Topic was on Government. Sometimes it could get a bit confusing but once we got to Canberra it all became much clearer. Canberra was so much fun I never thought learning so much in 5 days could be so much fun. Another camp that I was lucky enough to go on is music camp. I love how much our school is passionate about MVIMP and was excited to go to MVIMP camp. MVIMP Camp was the best experience it really improved my violin skills. It was also a great opportunity to meet all the different kids from the other schools. This year I thought that the teacher really celebrated the 6s graduating. They got fish and chips and got to go to a pool party. I thought was really cool and hope that continues in the next year. From all the years being at MPPS I think that the structure of our lessons {GANAG} is really good because it is consistent and an easy structure to follow. In our lessons, we also have really great resources to use.



…..but they were exhausted…


The smell of moist tree bark filled my nose. The glistening stars enlightened the late night sky. The light of the moon helped lead me through the woods. My thick boots sunk into the mushy mud and then I heard “CHOP, CHOP”; I knew it was the sound of a helicopter. They were looking for me. I heard moving muffled voices in the distance, coming closer and closer. I was the hunter’s target. They were coming for me. Unconsciously my legs started to run ferociously but they were exhausted from the millions of kilometers I had already traveled. I stopped running, my heart was beating frantically. I was panting a lot. I fell to my knees, tears rushed down my face. It wasn’t time to give up, it was just the beginning. I heard a loud gunshot and looked down at my chest.

100wc {Move Up Session}


Prompt: …….we seemed to be on the television… 

Goal: In writing I would like to experiment more with tenses, meaning and recognizing the audience more the text is aimed for.

Story: I held my dress as I walked down the red carpet. The quick flash of a camera blinded my sight. The cheering of the crowd echoed through my ears. The bright spotlight made my vibrant pink dress glisten. We walked towards the big screen in front of us. The rest of the cast followed. Cameras were fixated on all our faces. I looked up to to the screen, we seemed to be on the television. My heels softly brushed against the soft, red, velvety carpet. I miss the days when people didn’t know who I was. Now the paparazzi follow me everywhere, making up stories, embarrassing me. I am a Target.


Bricks   Gorilla   Yellow   Running   Pretty

I stood there leaning against the railing that surrounded, the silver lined cage. There in the cage was a grizzled gorilla. It stood there for a while still, bored, maybe wishing what a real life could have felt like.  I imagined its strength, stiff as tough as bricks, considering the claustrophobic space; the small ceiling the rough surface of the floor, the yellow rust barred site. But if its life had been otherwise? Running around freely enjoying the pretty satisfactions of life. Tears welled up in my eyes. I tried to blink them back. I wailed out the pain. Now never to make its decisions. To be there for others to look at like a piece of art in gallery.

Mars Experiment BTN


3 Recalls:

We have the technology to get to Mars but we also have a lot of challenges. We do not know how people will deal with the trip that would take in between 1-3 years. The climate would be very hard to adjust to.

To see how our future Mars explorers would react to all of those challenges NASA has thrown six people into this dome on the side of a volcano in Hawaii for an ‘isolation experiment’.

The 11 meter wide bubble has been built to give them a taste of what life would be like on the red planet. They’ll go for an entire year without fresh air, fresh food or much privacy.

This experiment is mostly focused on how people might cope living together in a small space for a really long time.

2 Questions:

When is the estimated year that we will get people on Mars?

Can Mars climate potentially kill humans?

1 Understanding:

I understand why NASA decided to do make this move. I think it is important that we rushing the process whilst risking peoples life. NASA wants to be patient to make sure they do not make any mistakes and that  they now as much as possible before they attempt the Mars mission.

When they took over

When they took over

Elouera raced down the dirt track. She loved being free. Her spear was tightly grasped in her hand. As she ran, the little rocks on the path hurt her bare feet but she got used to it. Every day it hurt less. The stream was in site. In the blink of an eye, there were little things jumping out of the water. She was at the edge of the stream trying to understand how not to scare the fish. She was ready to go into the flowing water when she realised that she needed something to lour the fish in. She walked out of the water and onto the dirt. She started to stomp on the ground as this was a technique her father taught her for louring worms. When the worms hear the stomping they think it is rain, and for some reason they love rain. A few started to come out, and Elouera grabbed them. There were at least ten of them. She grabbed them and walked back to the edge of the stream. She slowly walked into the glittering water. Her feet shivered with cold. She kept walking into the crystal water. The worms wriggled in her left hand. In her right hand still tightly clutched was her spear. She was now in the middle of the crystal clear water. She grabbed her spear and fed the worm through the pointy part of the spear. She then put the spear in the water and the fish slowly started to come. She opened her hand and released the rest of the worms into the stream. There were at least ten fish surrounding her. Elouera grabbed one with her bare hands and threw it on the land.


Something rustled in the bushes. Elouera wondered if it was the Rainbow Serpent she had heard about in the Dreamtime stories. This curious girl always wanted to see the Rainbow Serpent so there she stood remaining silent. All that could be heard was the whistling breeze in the distance. She threw a fish towards the bush. Something jumped out and took it. She suddenly saw her brother Adoni. ‘Adoni!’ Elouera yelled at him. She wanted to hunt more than Adoni so her father would be proud of her. All of a sudden, Adoni had completely gone out of sight. One by one Elouera threw the fish on land. She had about twenty fish. There was a piece of curved bark lying on the ground. She knew that was how she was going to take her food home. She walked slowly out of the water. She suddenly hesitated. In the distance was a figure which had a long tail and a pouch. Elouera extended her right hand back. The tip of the spear pointed at the figure as she thrust the spear towards it. It suddenly collapsed and Elouera rushed out of the water and grabbed the animal’s tail. She was out of the water. She gathered all the fish and put them on the bark and lifted it up in her left hand. She walked up to the animal and grabbed its tail and dragged it along the dirt track.

Her long brown hair flowed in the wind. From memory, Elouera knew home was close. ‘Biyanga’(dad), ‘Wiyanaga’(mum) called Elouera. She heard strange noises and hesitated. Suddenly, she hid behind a bush. Her home was no longer her home. There were spears everywhere on the ground. The camp fire was wrecked. There were people walking around in odd clothes. Elouera realised that they weren’t people, they were spirits from the dead. Their skin was so white. Those ‘Pesky Indians!’ said one of the spirits. Elouera crawled around to the other side of the tree. All her family were lying on the ground. She crawled over to them. “Biyanga, Wiyanya, Adoni!” she whispered. They didn’t wake up. The spirits were on the other side of the tree so they could not see her. She crawled back into the bushes. She crawled back to the other side. She saw the spirits put up a long stick into the ground and raised it up. They tied something on the top of it which swayed backwards and forwards with the wind. It had bright colours, blue, red and white with unusual shapes. A tear rushed down her face. Suddenly, a fierce rain started and thunder struck.

(2017- 26th January-Australia Day)

There is a fierce rain and the sky is lit up with lightening. Alikira is looking over at the next door neighbour’s house. There is a large Australian flag in the backyard. She is standing at the fence. There is a group of people surrounding a BBQ. Loud music is playing. People are laughing and having fun. A tear rushes down her face.

The Mistake

The Mistake

By Mariana Galanopoulos

As Florence splatted herself onto her bed after a long day of school, her strawberry blonde long hair bounced freely. Once she landed on the bed, she heard something crinkle beneath her. She jumped up frantically and saw the piece of paper. Only nauseating words were written upon this piece of paper. Words such as these could only describe one person, a person of horrifying features, Mrs Dolores The darkness of the headache that occurred through Florence’s day returned and rushed through her head, like a crashing wave. As she experienced this, she remembered what tomorrow was awaiting her for. Tomorrow was the school captain speeches. The possible chance of mistakes haunted her. She realised that tonight was not one of those nights to stay up late. She released a sigh of exhaust. She changed from her brown and muddy soccer clothes and into her pyjamas that she grabbed from her glossy white drawer. Florence after a long soccer training was now craving sleep. She looked up to the clock on the wall. The big hand laid towards the 6 and the little laid between nine and ten. The now distressed Florence knew what the clock read. She quickly ran to flick the light switch. The room was absorbed into darkness as Florence made her way back to her bed. She remembered that she hadn’t brush her teeth. “Oh, well one night of not brushing your teeth isn’t going to kill you.” She thought. The soft sheet covers stroked her skin as she pulled them up to cover her neck. The exhaust of the day lead her to a deep sleep.


As the light of dawn greeted her through the window so did her alarm clock.  She pulled her arm out and then over the heavy sheets towards the vibrant red alarm clock. She gave the alarm clock a slam and the beeping ceased. Stretching her arms, she let out a yawn along with a big sigh. Glancing over towards her alarm clock, she realised she needed to get up.   She remembered what today held in its hand. She had been waiting for this day for as long as she could remember. She climbed out of bed. She grabbed her school uniform out of her wardrobe and put it on very carefully and slowly. She had to look presentable. She slowly walked out of her bedroom towards the bathroom. Looking at her reflection she smiled to herself. She turned the tap and cold clean water rushed out. She cupped her hands, collected the water and then splashed it on her face. She felt refreshed and alive! She walked down stairs to the kitchen. On the kitchen table there stood her packed lunch and her written speech. She ate her bacon and avocado toast with great satisfaction and then packed her bag ready to go.


Florence picked up her bag and put it on her back. As she twisted the door handle to exit, she stopped as she heard fast paced footsteps. Florence turned to see her mother, walking down the stairs. Her mother stopped when she got to the bottom of the stairs rather suddenly.

“Miss Florence the School Captain. You wouldn’t be leaving without saying bye to your mother? Would you?”

“Why of course not mother.”

They both ran to each other and clasped each other with a tightly squeezed hug.

“Mum I am scared.” Florence said uneasily talking over her mother’s shoulder whilst still hugging her.

“My daughter ‘scared’ I have never heard of this Florence.”

“Mum if I make any simple mistake the whole school will be laughing in my face.” Her mother moved her hand from around Florence to the sides of her cheek.

“Florence we all make mistakes but we all interpret them as defeats but they are not defeats. You remember that Florence. I believe you can and so does everybody else. Now you better be going to school, a school captain is never late.”

Her mum gave her a big peck on the cheek and wished her the best of luck and of course reminded her that she loved her. Florence twisted the door handle and slowly walked away as her mum was still at the door watching her. Florence suddenly stopped, and started searching her pockets. She turned around with a frantic look on her face. ‘My speech, I forgot my speech’. She ran in with great speed towards the kitchen bench where she grabbed the piece of folded paper and put it safely in her pocket. As she quickly dashed off, slamming the gate, and walked along the street her mum yelled out ‘Florence you dropped a piece of paper on the kitchen floor’ but Florence did not hear.

Florence looked all around her to only see all the year 5-6 students filling up the 100 seats that made up the auditorium. The front row was filled with the grade five and six teachers all holding a clipboard in their hands. Looking upwards, Florence saw the huge stage with a microphone on a stand positioned in the center of the stage. The stage was accessible from the set of stairs from each side. The chatter of all the students echoed in her ear. The crinkling of everybody scrunching their speech written upon these pieces of paper started to ring in her head. Mr Principal Lanzotti broke the noise as he walked up the stairs onto the lit up stage. He grabbed the microphone and made a speech about how privileged he is to have this role and how proud of us he is for working so hard. He wished us all luck. From a blink of an eye students had already started reading their speeches and teachers were vigorously scribbling down notes on each student.

‘Florence Monnete please make your way to the stage’.

The person sitting next to me gave me a little nudge and wished me luck.

“Thanks”, I mumbled quietly. As soon as I stood from my seat ever body’s eyes were pierced on me. I made way from way I sat towards the bottom of all the seats. Everybody’s focus was on her. She paced slowly to the side of the stages accessible stairs. She walked up. She imagined herself in a movie now the inspirational music would be playing. She was at the top of the stage. She started to walk to the centre of the stage. She was so scared she had sweaty and trembling palms. She smiled a fake smile at everyone. She was acting very brave.

“When being a good actress comes handy.” She thought to herself.

She reached for the microphone. She took a deep breath and started to speak:

“Before I start, I would like to say a few words. Thank you to Mr Principal Lanzotti and all the staff for making today possible. You’re greatly appreciated for all that you do for the school. I would also like to wish all the students good luck and can’t wait to hear your fabulous speeches.

And to Mrs Dolores good adjectives could never possibly describe yooouuu. Yoouu are….. the wicked witch of our school….lllll.

Blood rushed to Florence’s cheeks. She could not believe what she had just read out. She starred horrified down at her sheet of paper. There was a haunted silence.  She quickly shuffled her pieces of papers hoping to find where she was supposed to read. But she had already made the mistake. Her mum’s words gently whispered in her ear “Florence we all make mistakes but we all interpret them as defeats but they are not defeats’. A roar of noise emerged around her.




100wc …..because I said so……


……..because I said so…..


Lying there on my bed feeling like the whole world hated me, I took the pillow off from under my head and sat up to look at my reflection. I screamed in pain. My bedroom door opened slowly and my mum walked in looking worried. I dived into my sheets. “Sweetheart…….you shouldn’t let anyone’s words get to you.”

“Why would it matter, now look at me?” I sobbed.

“Because it matters to me,” she said softly.

“I hate my skin look at it mum.”

“It’s hard I know.”

She sat down next to me and hugged me giving me her warmth. I sniffled over her shoulder.

“I want white skin.” I half cried.

“Why? I love you just the way you are Zahara.”

“I want to be white because I said so and so does everybody else.”

Space Video – The Solar System #2

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KsF_hdjWJjo

3 Recalls:

Recall #1: The Solar System is 4 1/2 billion formation that travels around the galactic center at 200,000 km/h and circles it every 250,00,00 years.

Recall #2:  Our Solar system is divided into two the terrestrial planets Mars, Earth, Venus and Mercury and the 4 Gas Giants Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. Not only do these eight planets orbit our Sun trillions of asteroids and comets circle it. Most of them are concentrated into two belts the Asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter and the Kuipter belt on the edge of the Solar System.

Recall #3:  The Sun makes up 99.86% of the Solar System. At the Suns core it fuses 620 million tonnes hydrogen each second.

2 Questions:

When the sun converts mass to energy, do the other planets change?

Will the magnetic field of Earth reverse direction in the future? Will this cause problems?

1 Understanding:

I know understand the main features of the Solar System, features of the eight planets that orbit the sun and the two belts, the Asteroid and Kuipter belt that also holds trillions of asteroids and comets that also circle the sun

School Captain Speech

School Captain Speech

Before I start my speech, I would like to acknowledge the traditional land owners the Wurundjeri people and pay respect to their elders, past and present.

Good morning 5/6 students and staff.

For those of who don’t know me, my name is Mariana Galanopoulos – quite a mouthful or a challenge for those who cannot role their r’s. I am standing here today putting the case forward as to why I should be the next school captain. I have been part of this school since prep, and I have always loved the nurturing, safe environment and the close and inviting feel of the Moonee Ponds community. This great school is my second home. I am honored to speak to you today as I nominate for school captain.

Today most of our speeches will mention the qualities that make a great school captain. Sometimes these qualities can be expressed just as words, but I think it really matters how we interpret these words, whether we have these characteristics and how we show them. As they say “actions speak louder than words”.

I will start by telling you about myself. In the last few years I’ve pursued a lot of my interests and through this I have learnt many lessons which have shaped me into the person I am now. In particular, my confidence has evolved over time. It has grown through constantly challenging myself and going out of my comfort zone. I started off hiding behind my parents and when strangers asked me a question nothing would come out of my mouth, literally. But now I want to put myself out there. I relish in taking on different and new opportunities and understand the benefits of challenging myself.

In netball, I have demonstrated resilience and that I work well in a team. Never having played netball, last year I joined the school’s netball team, The Moonee Ponds Stars. You wouldn’t believe just how much our team has developed and improved since we started. Through hard work, collaboration and sheer determination we have gone from being the underdogs with a

losing streak to the team to beat; we have now won every game of the last two seasons!

Collaboration, teamwork and commitment are all qualities that I have learnt through my involvement in sports and the arts, including the MVIMP concerts, music camp and ballet. I understand the importance of everyone working closely together, listening patiently to one another and each team member being responsible for their contribution to successfully produce a piece of performing art. Dance and music have broadened my horizons and these skills will help me in a leadership role. As captain, I would always strive for our school to put its best foot forward and to work together to achieve the best we can.

As well as being collaborative, I work really well independently. This is shown in my love for swimming. Since joining North West Aquatics 10 months ago, I have gone from being a bronze to silver squad swimmer and have started swimming competitively. At the start it felt like a lot to take on; often I thought I had reached my limit, yet I always found that little more to give. When competing I draw on my self-confidence and try not to look back with self-doubt. Swimming competitively has taught me that if you’re goal-oriented, believe in yourself and work hard you can reach your goal and achieve your personal best. As a school captain, I would aim to encourage you to do your best and help you in any way I can. You only need to ask.

I am often told that I am a creative problem-solver. I attribute this to playing advanced chess and to learning other languages, Greek and Italian. Chess is dependent on problem-solving skills and strategic thinking and I find that you can apply these skills to life. In life you often have to resolve problems by making the best possible decision that is also fair. Fairness and inclusiveness are very important qualities as a school captain. In Greek school, as part of learning a language we organise theatrical plays each year. I have been involved in script writing, casting students in roles and distributing tasks. In this role, it has been important for me to be inclusive and fair to all.

By taking on many new experiences, I have also learnt to be adaptable and flexible. In Tournaments of the Mind, for instance,

we had to plan our presentation, but adapt to many changes as we developed our final project. Being involved in this experience, also required me to be a good listener, highly organised, to think spontaneously, and to make a valuable contribution. In general, I always try to listen attentively to my peers. I am very approachable, and I love helping people; it gives me great happiness and a sense of accomplishment. As a school captain, I will always make time to listen to you and will respect and value your ideas.

This year, I was selected as an SRC representative of our class. In this role I am always cooperative and inclusive. I also aim to be a good role model. As the oldest students of the school we need to be mindful that our everyday actions are observed by all the younger students. For instance, our buddies look up to us all; they are at the very start of discovering their own identities and need good mentors. I’ve also seen this within my family – I am the oldest in my family. I have a brother Andrew, who is 8, and I have 3 cousins aged 2 to 5. In being a role model, I have learnt that everyone, no matter their age, can teach us a lot of valuable lessons.

Another quality of a leader is a good communicator. I love communicating; sometimes I can’t stop talking. Just ask my friends – that’s one of the reasons they’re looking forward to their holidays. I can pass on information well. I feel comfortable talking to students, parent, teachers and the leadership team. I can adapt my communication to any situation.

Now, if you were wondering, “Will she ever finish?”, I am pleased to let you know, I am coming to the end. I did mention, I can’t stop talking…

In conclusion, I am running for school captain as I would like to represent the school through strong leadership and to make a valuable contribution to the school. Moonee Ponds Primary School has done so much for me and I am eager to take this opportunity as a school captain to give back and to continue developing my leadership skills. Together, I believe we can grow and flourish whilst actively promoting the school values of Care,

Collaboration, Respect and Optimism. I promise to instill passion, commitment and enthusiasm in this role.

Thank you for listening and I wish all the candidates the best. But don’t forget… Vote 1 for Mariana! Or for those of who speak Italian or Greek, “Voti uno per Mariana” or “Ψηφίστε ένα για Μαριάννα”.

Mariana Galanopoulos.