…but I didn’t understand the instructions…




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As I scrolled down on the EU  ZARA  website jealous of all of the beautiful clothing and accessories. I felt like buying myself just a little treat because I had just finished my exams. Then suddenly I got a urge and I started to click on clothing and adding it into my cart. With fifteen things in my cart I quickly rushed through the details and saw something that said: MUST READ! Under it was a page of small writing I couldn’t be bothered so I scrolled past the small letters and clicked Pay. I sighed with relief. I closed the tabs. Then suddenly something popped up in the middle of my computer screen: You have bought more than ten items this amount is illegal to transport from oversees because of this you will have to pay 90,000 fine. I quickly typed but I didn’t understand the instructions!





A cold shiver ran down my spine as I entered the MISTY graveyard. Something was urging me to come. Walking cautiously through the grave yard, I see a white figure in the distance. I felt a cold breeze as it came towards me. It rapidly sank under the ground. I SHOUTED and FRANTICALLY started running. I stopped, gasped for air as I checked behind me. The figure disappeared. An old GRAVE was in front of me. Bending down to remove the dust, the name “Amy CRIMSON” appeared. A hot sweat covered face as this was my name.






Briskly walking through the park, I came across a lady holding a coffee. I waked it. The coffee went over her. “Have anything to say girl”. “No, do you?” She walked off with an angry look. Coming past was a man jogging. I stuck my foot out. He fell to the ground. “What was that for?” “I felt like it!” As he stood up, his leg was bleeding. As he walked off, I called  out “You’re welcome.” Suddenly my leg started to get rock hard. My legs started to stretch. When the solidness reached my chin I gasped for air.



Although they ran quickly, they were still not making enough progress…


I and Lola quickly ran. Our self-replicas were running behind us. What had happened was that Lola found this weird object and curiously pressed one of the buttons and here we are stuck in time. What Lola had found was a time machine. If we looked at the replica we will be stuck in time. Although they ran quickly they were still not making enough progress so we quickly hid behind a thick tree. Lola pressed the button on time machine.” Girls its school wake up” there mother called.



There were green lush mountains in the distance. This wonderful view was destroyed by the worn down and desolate buildings. I walked through the arch of an old building. There was no roof and just four walls. The grass reached up to my knees. I could see the sun reflecting on this object. Moving closer and using my magnifying glass it became clearer what it was. I wiped the object with my top, a gold patterned teacup was visible. It was standing on its side. Grass was growing in and around it. The engraved letters read-  ‘January 15th – Queen Elizabeth the 1st.



Ladder   Goldfish   Flew   Brown   Slowly


 I slowly climbed up the ladder. My brown hair swished from side to side. Colorful birds flew in the sky. I liked it at the top of the house, what a wonderful view! The pain of losing my pet goldfish had disappeared. This spot made me forget about everything and it made me feel calm and relaxed. The ladder started to wobble I quickly climbed to the roof. Bang! I looked down to see shattered glass from one of the windows of the house and the ladder laid on ground how was I going to get down?


“THIS PLACE IS AWESOME!” Chloe screamed.

“Wow that ride looks fun.”  Said Chloe.

“Were not going on that r. Last year it broke down and 10 people died.” Argued Chloe’s father

“WE ARE!” Screamed Chloe as she walked to the ride.

“You can’t ride this you’re too short.” Said the ride manager.

“YES I WILL!” Yelled Chloe.

“Fine! “He accepted.

He opened the gate all three of them buckled their belts.  They were moving very fast when Chloe slipped through the belt and fell. They got off Chloe’s mother asked with tears “

Chloe can you hear me?”

There was no answer.


I wear a black gown

But I am not a clown

It’s my hobby to scar people

I wait till someone to come by to scare

I  prepare in a spot

I see a lot

Of blood

Then drag them through the mud

That is the last they see

Then chuck them at the cork tree

Again I got to my tree

I drink crystal tea

My mum is mean and

Is keen

to kick me out

But I doubt

She tossed  out my stuff

Sometimes I  cry out in anger

I have one glass eye

People still come by.

 LINK :https://100wc.net/


100 Word challenge


 Prompt  I just couldn’t eat something so…


‘Mum can we buy a packet of marshmallows?’ ‘Maybe…. fine’ .I pushed the trolley to the cash register $56 dollars please. Mum handed the money we walked back to the house. We eventually arrived at the house. I walked to my bedroom in a slow stroll. My head hit the pillow. My sister walked in do you want to play.NO I said very tiredly. Mum came in with the packet of marshmallows I ripped the packet open. I grabbed one out I put it in my mouth it tasted sooo mouldy I just couldn’t eat it mum I need water!