however she couldn’t believe what she had done.


The loud speaker mumbled: “In lane 1 Florence Westful “. The name belonged to the girl who stood up quite relaxed from her chair and walked over to the track. Someone nudged her.

“Are you nervous Florence?”

“Puff no!” she replies. In the background people were chuckling. Someone whispered discretely, “Florence has actually turned up, she’s going to embarrass herself like always.”

Florence tried to look like an Olympic athlete doing her stretches and waving to people. By the time she looked up the siren had already gone. Everybody was way ahead. With great speed and desperation she raced to catch up. The sweat was trickling down her face and body. She had no sense of what was happening around her. She suddenly heard the crowd gasp and she looked up to see what was happening however she couldn’t believe what she had done. She had just came first.

BTN Don’t Panic








This article was about how a team of experts the ABC’s science show Catalyst put two brave families to the test with a fake natural disaster with help from some cameras, special effects, and a team of experts the ABC’s science show Catalyst put two brave families to the test.Keeping a clear head when you’re under stress isn’t easy. Your brains designed to work differently when you feel fear. You stop focusing on details or listening to instructions.The kids are actually doing better than the adults and that might be because they’ve spent more time thinking about cyclones. They’ve done assignments at school so now they can remember what to do. When the family tries to evacuate the kids stop them from making a huge mistake, driving through flood water.Whereas, in Sydney the fire front is approaching and the Matthews are battling small fires started by embers.They’re wearing glasses to make things dark just like the smoke would in real life and in earphones they can hear the roar of the fire. Then there’s an alarm from inside. With their kitchen on fire the family head into the bathroom, again, not a great idea. In here they’re trapped with no way of knowing what’s going on in other parts of the house. Then water floods in.Experts say it’s really important to have a plan and know it well. Everyone in the family should have jobs to do and you should practice them together. That way when fear kicks in and your brain turns to mush your memory and your instincts will guide you in the right direction.I now understand that we all hope that a disaster never affects us, but being prepared and knowing the risks is the best way to stay safe.Do you get paid to be put under this test or do the people have to pay?Has any test gone wrong?

100 wc

Prompt : Bridge  Sprinkled  Pink  Daffodil  Huge



My heart raced as my feet slowly crossed the wooden air bridge. In the distance, there were fields of pink daffodils that complimented the sprinkled colors in the huge horizon. As my foot left the bridge, my sigh broke the silence. As I looked into the distance, the picturesque mountains perplexed me and took my breath away. My exhaustion made me lie down among the flowers that smelt like the most beautiful thing in the world. The smell was indescribable. As this beautiful moment captured my breath, a loud noise destroyed the harmony around me.

BTN Cape Town







This article was about how Cape has a huge drought.Cape Town is a city in South Africa, and for a couple of years now, it’s been struggling with a really bad drought. But in recent months, the situation’s got worse, and a bit of rain isn’t anywhere near enough to help. Water reserves are so low that the whole city is at risk of running out.Authorities predict taps could be turned off by June 4, and they’re calling that “Day Zero”. Here in Australia, water restrictions are something many of us have experienced.  People have been allowed just 50 liters a day, since February 1st.As the drought continues, people are asking questions about how it was allowed to get so bad, and what’s going to happen next. In 2014, the city’s water sources were at capacity. But as drought stretched on, water supplies have been stretched to their limits.If ‘Day Zero’ does arrive, many will have to go to collection points guarded by security forces for a daily ration of just 25 liters of water. But in the meantime, the restrictions are making a difference. Pushing back the date of ‘Day Zero”, from April, to May, and now June. Hopefully by then these areas will be recovering.How many years has the drought been going for?When is the estimated time the drought will stop or will it never?I now understand how much distraught this drought gives to the residents living in Cape town.

Persuasive Writing WONDER


Wonder is a great book but an even greater movie!



When we compare books to their movies it is always a controversy which is one is better.  The majority of people mostly prefer the movie to the book. In this text, I will be arguing that the book  ‘Wonder’ by R.J Palacio is more powerful than the movie by Stephen Chbosky.


Books describe to the reader what the characters are thinking and how they are feeling. However, in films the characters speak but do not always say what they think. ‘Wonder’ the movie has this disadvantage. This might be a shock to most people because they are not thinking about this in real depth. The audience prefers films as they are shorter and they don’t have to visualise or think as they do when reading. However reading a book like ‘Wonder’ is more engaging and enjoyable.

A film based on a book is a summary of a book band the movie ‘Wonder’ seemed like a very brief and far too rushed summary of the events that took place in the book. This film felt far too fast and could have slowed the scenes down and given the audience deeper detailed scenes. It felt so rushed that for someone who has not read the book would get very confused. If you have read ‘Wonder’ you probably know the unique features that the book uses to cover different perspectives. The book hones into these perspectives and this is what makes the book so rich and beautifully written. The movie however, neglects the perspectives of the different characters and this is a big disadvantage. The scenes in the movie changed a bit too suddenly and the storyline was a bit patchy and not very smooth. Are you now starting to understand why the book is better?


In addition, the film does not allow us to visualize the characters the way we want. One magical thing while reading ‘Wonder’ is that we have a glimpse of the vivid and beautiful world that the author draws for us. However, while watching the film, I was constantly cringing because it was crushing the little world of ‘Wonder’ I had created in my mind. For example, I had an image of wide hallways throughout the school, however, the film had the school hallways as very narrow. I imagined Mr Tushman younger in the movie, although in the film he was much older. I imagined Julian a bit stout but in the film he was short and skinny. Now you can probably understand how much of a disappointment this was for me.


The book is much more perplexing, humorous, descriptive and just simply beautiful. The film however, was very disappointing as it felt rushed, patchy and was not able to vividly portray what the characters were thinking and their perspectives. Wonder was such a beautifully written book but unfortunately a very disappointing film.



This week there is another ‘guest’ prompt sent in from the students in Yr.6 at Eaton International School,  Persiaran Puncak Utama, Jade Hills, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia – quite an address, isn’t it!




Walking my fluffy little puppy through the park, I was intrigued by the colorful leaves on the trees. The leaves started changing colors and shapes. I felt like someone had put a knife through my head. My migraine throbbed. I started to feel dizzy. I walked over to the grass to the concrete pathway and laid down. I looked up to see the sun through the leaves. As I looked closer, I saw what seemed to be two spiky nuts.  I stood up and reached up with my hand that was free of the leash and ripped them of the trees branch. Then suddenly my migraine left and I looked down at the grass. I felt as light as a feather. My puppy and I were flying. The sensation was amazing. Suddenly I felt my whole body drop. My heavy eyelids opened. I felt the warm bed sheets covering me. The pain in my clutched hands was intense. I opened them and two prickly balls fell to the ground.

BTN Disaster Recovery







This article was about how Pakistan had a massive flood and how just because the news doesn’t talk about the disaster anymore doesn’t mean the disaster recovery process of fixing its damage is finished.Natural disasters can throw a city and a country into unexpected chaos like the recent floods in Pakistan in South Asia. More than one and a half thousand people have been killed and around twenty million have been affected as water swept away many homes. The United Nations says it’s affected more people than the Tsunami that hit Asia in 2004! That’s when a huge wave killed more than 230-thousand people from 14 countries. There’s a range of disasters, each one presenting different types of injuries needing specific medical expertise. Clean water is needed because it can become contaminated with germs and disease. So trucks deliver tanks of water and people can fill up their own containers or are given bottles. Water purification tablets are also important to make water safe to drink and stop the spread of disease. Food is also on the checklist and things like packaged and canned foods provided, because it’s safer than fresh food as it doesn’t go off. And finally people need shelter, like the tents we saw used in Haiti, when a powerful earthquake struck killing tens-of-thousands of people. Well, just because we don’t hear about it, it doesn’t mean everything’s suddenly okay! The recovery process can take years, often rebuilding entire communities from scratch. So things like schools, homes and hospitals need to be rebuilt or fixed. And that job can be made even harder when vast areas lose essential services like power. Sometimes roads are wiped out, making it hard to get near to the affected areas. So in the recovery process, people like engineers can be just as vital as medical workers. To do all of this you need plenty of money. Governments will either donate cash or it can be raised through special appeals to the public.How did they get rid of the water that caused the flood?How many people helped recover the flood?I now understand that as long as everyone works together to help out, countries can be repaired even if it does take many years.


I would like to learn my timetables. The reason I have not learnt them is because the school teaches us how to do skip counting but that does not help me and they should teach us by rote learning because time tables is much more efficient. When trying to work things out I should test all possibilities before being keen on one way to approach the answer. This is an important goal because there is more of a chance that the answer will be correct.



I have progressed when testing all possibilities a way to prove I have achieved this goal is when I did my post assessment I didn’t just jump to the first answer that came to me. I tested all possibilities and then came to a realisation that my first answer was wrong. With my time tables I have improved with sevens and nines but I still need work on my eights. A way I have improved my sevens is that me and two other people counted by sevens to 203.




One of my future goals is to consistently practice my 8 times tables by rote till I know them of by heart. I also want to read different genres because I tend to read one genre. I find it hard to find books that interest me and I usually read part of the book then dump it because it doesn’t entertain me. I also want to use different types of sentences in my writing and be careful when I’m using my commas because I manly use in the wrong position of the sentence or I don’t use them before.


Herald Sun








This article was about how Africa is spiting.The floodwaters created a split stretching several kilometers near the town of Mai Mahiu, ripping a major highway open and creating a deep gully* that sucked in cars, as well as devastating farmers’ land and homes. According to media company Face2Face Africa, the tear in the earth is more than 15m deep and more than 15m wide weaving through farming land in Narok County. Experts say that in about 50 million years, the African continent will split into two with the Somali tectonic plate* which covers the Great Rift Valley — running from the Horn of Africa to Mozambique — separating itself from the rest of the continent which is known as the Nubian Plate or African Plate.“The Great Rift splits Africa into two plates. With what is happening we have established one plate which is the Somali plate is moving away from the other plate at a rate of 2.5cm. In the near future if this happens we shall have the Somali plate separating from the other Nubian plate,” Kenyan geologist David Ahede told Kenya’s Daily Nation.“Rifts are the initial stage of a continental breakup and, if successful, can lead to the formation of a new ocean basin.Will the earth’s continents split so much that they will become microscopic? How deep are the splits?I now understand how our modern’s earths continents have split.

Webinar My house my rules

Today there was a webinar making awareness of privacy. There is a growing amount of young people between grade 3-6 are getting hacked and scammed it is a percentages of 12%.Here are some facts from 2017:
Money lost from hacks/scams:


Number of reports

161, 528

Reports with finical loses


Privacy is about controlling your personal information in the online world.

One type of hack is a

Ransomware is when you have to pay to get your computer unlocked by a hacker that is trying to get money. One type of ransomware is called a bad rabbit.Like this one bellow:Image result for bad rabbit virus

This post should rise awareness about the viruses, scams and blackmails that can occur on the internet.