…’when did it arrive?’


“Bella wake up!” Yelled my mother. I groaned and slowly got out of bed. As I walked out of my bedroom my mother jumped out and said “Happy Birthday!”

“Oh is that today why are we celebrating how I’m getting closer to death.” I groaned

“Oh come sweetheart that’s not the attitude, anyways I think I’ve got something that will cheer you up.” I slowly trudged towards the kitchen. What I saw amazed me it was a fluffy little puppy “when did this arrive?” I said. “Just today”, my mum smiled with a smile on her face.

Btn The Ring of Fire







This article was about why so many earthquakes form around the ring of fire.September 29th, about 7am, a series of massive waves ripped through coastal villages in Samoa. It was caused by a huge earthquake on the sea floor just off the Samoan coast. Just one day later a powerful earthquake hit the Indonesian island of Sumatra. Hundreds were killed and injured.That’s about 10,000 kms away so it’s really unlikely that one earthquake could have caused another and earthquakes are happening all the time so the timing was probably just coincidence. Scientists are still looking into that.About 90% of the world’s earthquakes happen in the ring of fire.Some of the largest earthquakes we’ve ever seen, like the one that caused this massive tsunami in 2004, happened in the Ring of Fire. Its also home to three quarters of the world’s volcanoes and some of the biggest eruptions. This is no coincidence and it shows us a lot about what’s going on under the earth.We usually think of the ground we stand on as being “rock solid”  If you went down far enough you’d find red hot molten rock. The thin, cool layer we live on floats on top. It’s called the crust but its not one solid piece.Its made up of huge slabs called tectonic plates and you’ll notice that quite a few meet along the Ring of Fire. Tectonic plates drift on the liquid rock, slowly changing shape and position over time. Scientist reckon over millions of years the drifting tectonic plates changed the shape of continents completely but they only move about the rate that your fingernails grow so you can’t see it happen.Volcanoes can also happen when plates meet and earthquakes. Sometimes underwater earthquakes cause tsunamis; massive waves like the one that hit Samoa.What was Australia connected to before tectonic plates moved? How regular does a volcano erupt?  Now I understand that 90% earthquakes happen around the ring of fire.



I jumped out of bed. I hadn’t slept at all as I was excited. I quickly ran out of my bedroom and out into the corridor. On a table were six different colored eggs. How I found them you ask? Well, yesterday as I was sitting down, I looked out of the window and saw these eggs. I was so fascinated. Now I’m staring at these eggs and hoping for them to crack and reveal a dinosaur. I am so impatient ,I grab one of the eggs and smash it on the table. Chocolate crumbled out of the egg.

History of voting







This text was about the history and how the history of voting evolved over time to what we have now.Voting is compulsory in Australia and if you don’t you will be fined it has been that way since 1924. Australia was the first country to allow women to vote.  Women who protested for women to be able to are known as suffragettes.In which country’s other than Australia is voting compulsory?Which where some of the main women fighting for women to be able vote?I now understand how history of voting has evolved over time and how important it is to vote.

Moving Australia day






http://LINK: http://www.abc.net.au/btn/story/s4399703.htm


 This article was about moving Australia day and what is Australia day.In the late seventeen hundreds Britain’s prisons where getting full. So they decided that they will send the convicts Australia. The first fleet had 759 convicts traveling on it. They landed in Sydney cove on January the 25th. January the 25th is also the day we celebrate Australia day for Aboriginal people this day is a day of sadness. Some people have been debating for a change in the date. Which date will be the ideal date to change Australia day? What do the majority of Australia think about Australia day? I now understand  that people have different opinions on Australia day.


PROMPT: But what if I was in charge 


BEEP, BEEP!  I reached for my alarm clock. Thinking of work exhausted me. I reached for the TV remote.

“Today we have alarming news -Donald Trump has decided to start a war against North Korea. Here’s what he said:”

“This is how America will be great again! North Korea will pay and we will show them our power!”

I was in total shock. Could this be a nuclear war! But if I was in charge. I will send Donald Trump to Syria to experience what war is like. Striving for peace and being an inspiration to every little girl will be my aim.







This text was about young leaders and their qualities.Now some Aussie school kids are learning how they can be the great leaders of the future. They’re taking part in something called National Young Leaders Day. It’s an opportunity to hear from leaders in the community, ask questions and learn about leadership skills.

 Qualities of a good leader:

  • A good communicator.
  • the ability to control a crowd, or connect with a single person.
  • leads by example.
  • inspires others:
  • encourage someone to speak out, or make a difference in the world.
  • places responsibility on his shoulders
  • shows empathy and cares about the way others feel.
  • focuses on the positives, not the negatives.
  • treats others the way they would like to be treated.
  • control a crowd, or connect with a single person.


Young leaders raised issues that are really important to them such as bullying, homelessness.And while talking about these things is a simple step, it could be just the start of what’s to come from these leaders of the future.I now understand there’s no single thing that makes someone a good leader. Different people lead in different ways and they’re often passionate about very different things. 

What qualities and skills will future leaders have?

Who is the youngest person in politics?




The ball come straight for me. Bang! I couldn’t feel my body I fell to the ground. There was total darkness. Lifting my head, speckles of light emerged. The silhouette of tall trees could be seen from a distance. Suddenly, they started disintegrating. A pile of sticks fell to the ground which then rose and formed into shapes of people. They stomped with great force towards me.

“Food” they murmured to each other.

They approached closer. I jumped as one of them touched me with its sharp branches. “Are you okay?” he asked. The light became clearer. My brother’s face appeared.








Semester 1 Goals

What I want to learn:

I would like to improve my timetables because I stumble on some of them. I have already decided and disused how long I will practice at home with my parents and decided that this will be my focus. We decided that every night I should focus on one timetable once I have learnt that timetable I would focus on another and repeat the old one. The reason I will repeat the old one is because in the past I have learnt a timetable but because  I go learn another one I forget the one I just learnt .

How I learn and behave:

I would like to show my great leadership skills more. A way I can improve this skill is when the opportunity comes to always take the chance to lead the class. I can show the class and help the class become more collaborative. This skill will help the class and me at the same time.


About me



I am Mariana and I will tell you a little about myself.

Some of my character traits are: patience, creativity, artistic, and honest.

My favourite activity outside of school is ballet. I learn technical ballet but my dance style is contemporary ballet. I am also a swimmer and swim in silver squad. I learn Greek as a second language – my family’s descent is Greek. Both of my grandparents from both sides speak Greek and I have relatives in Greece. Finally, I have acted in 3 plays and enjoy drama. Two of the plays I have been in I have been the main character.

In school I enjoy all subjects. I play violin and learn chess in chess club and have won 4 trophies in chess.


I have a family of four .My Mum’s name is Betty,  my Dad’s name is Nick and my 8 year old brother Andrew. My mum is an early childhood teacher and an ESL teacher for adults, my dad is an automotive teacher.

In the future I have considered being a vet, architect, interior designer, primary school teacher, swimmer or dancer. But I still have many years to decide.

I really want a pet but at the moment it isn’t the right time but in my life time I have had a German shepherd crossed with a malamute her name was Kya and we had a cat called Elie.

My dream pet would either be a Holland lop bunny or some sort of miniature toy poodle.


That is a little bit about me and I hope you learnt something new about me.