Semester 1 Goals

What I want to learn:

I would like to improve my timetables because I stumble on some of them. I have already decided and disused how long I will practice at home with my parents and decided that this will be my focus. We decided that every night I should focus on one timetable once I have learnt that timetable I would focus on another and repeat the old one. The reason I will repeat the old one is because in the past I have learnt a timetable but because  I go learn another one I forget the one I just learnt .

How I learn and behave:

I would like to show my great leadership skills more. A way I can improve this skill is when the opportunity comes to always take the chance to lead the class. I can show the class and help the class become more collaborative. This skill will help the class and me at the same time.


About me



I am Mariana and I will tell you a little about myself.

Some of my character traits are: patience, creativity, artistic, and honest.

My favourite activity outside of school is ballet. I learn technical ballet but my dance style is contemporary ballet. I am also a swimmer and swim in silver squad. I learn Greek as a second language – my family’s descent is Greek. Both of my grandparents from both sides speak Greek and I have relatives in Greece. Finally, I have acted in 3 plays and enjoy drama. Two of the plays I have been in I have been the main character.

In school I enjoy all subjects. I play violin and learn chess in chess club and have won 4 trophies in chess.


I have a family of four .My Mum’s name is Betty,  my Dad’s name is Nick and my 8 year old brother Andrew. My mum is an early childhood teacher and an ESL teacher for adults, my dad is an automotive teacher.

In the future I have considered being a vet, architect, interior designer, primary school teacher, swimmer or dancer. But I still have many years to decide.

I really want a pet but at the moment it isn’t the right time but in my life time I have had a German shepherd crossed with a malamute her name was Kya and we had a cat called Elie.

My dream pet would either be a Holland lop bunny or some sort of miniature toy poodle.


That is a little bit about me and I hope you learnt something new about me.

Annie’s and Mariana’s Six- Room- Process Poems

This week we have been working on poems one type of way we can write poems is the

Six-Room -Poem if you would like to learn more click on this link :

This is my classmate Annie’s poem:

In a day in May,

A very happy and peaceful May,

There were two cats no bats,

Just two sleeping cats,

In the sunlight with birds singing,

Singing i love that!

They never get along why is that?

But today they do, 

How about you?

Here is my poem:

The skis scraped against the snow,

The snow was white,

The sky was bright,

The mountain stood tall,

But one day it will fall,

The mountain whistled in the silence,

The skis scraped against the snow


Comparing the book to the movie Inkheart



A lot of people have different opinions on which is better the book or the movie Inkheart . But here is my opinion:


                 Image result for inkheartImage result for inkheart


 The book has strong use of detail, and makes you have strong visualizations of characters and settings. There are sections in the book where it can easily get boring can easily bore you, but towards the middle is where the memorable and enjoyable parts are


I was disappointed with some parts that they were not included in the movie that were in the book. I have heard people say the acting was pretty good and the actors played there role well. I thought the scenes changed a bit too suddenly but the story line mad sense.


I gave the book and the movie :


Image result for 2 out of 5 stars

How to grow a Plant


The materials you will need are: A pot, dirt, water, seeds, and the sun.


Step 1: First grab a pot and put some dirt. Stop adding when there is about 7cm till the top of the pot.

Step 2:  Get one of your fingers and poke a hole in the middle of the middle of dirt.

Step 3: Then get one of your seeds and carefully place it in the small hole you made once you have done that get some dirt and cover the hole.

Step 4:  Get some water and pour some, depending on its size and if your plant needs sun put it in an area that the sun hits.

Step 5: Every week give it some water and sun and watch it grow.


Image result for life cycle of a plant







Link to btn:

This article was about how Australia is falling behind other countries in education.

There’s one area where Australians are falling behind and that could affect the whole country’s education. When tests from around the world are compared Australia doesn’t score as high as some other places. In reading and in science, Australia is sitting at seventh place. In maths there are twelve places where kids perform better. That might not sound bad the big worry is that Australia seems to be slipping behind. Earlier this year a report put out by this guy; David Gonski. He said education in Australia isn’t as good as it should be. One big problem kids who go to schools in wealthy areas tend to do better than kids at disadvantaged schools. Gonski wanted to make this fairer by giving more money to the schools that need it the most. Well, now the Prime Minister has responded to the report. While she’s not doing everything Gonski suggested, she’s announced some big changes to the way schools are funded. And she says there’ll be more money for kids that need extra help.The PM’s changes will cost about six and a half billion dollars. Some say 13 years is too long to wait for a better education system. Still, many say it’s a huge step in the right direction.

I now understand that Australia is falling behind other countries in education. I also understand that we are aiming to get better and hope that to be in 13 years.

What are other country’s doing different to Australia?





Bexley a little toddler and her 16 year old brother Brick were walking their small fluffy dog Maxie through their local park. Maxie was a very energetic dog that jumped around like a kangaroo. Instead of Brick walking Maxie, Maxie walked Brick.

They would always pass the polluted lily pond that smelt profusely. They could just see the lake.  “Aghhh!” screamed someone in the distance. “What that?” questioned Bexley. “It’s probably nothing” They could see the lily pond clearly now and what they saw shocked them. Maxie barked furiously. Brick rubbed his eyes just in case it was a dream.











This article was about how different kids have different feelings as shown by the happiness survey.

Nearly two thirds of kids say that they feel happy lots of the time, and the things most likely to make them feel that way are your family, friends, being outside in nature, and playing sport. But the survey also shows that feeling down is pretty common too. About three out of four kids feel sad, scared or worried at least some of the time, and the biggest thing bothering them is the future.They also often worry about issues with friends and family, and bullying. In addition almost two thirds of kids aged 8 to 12 worry about their body, and about a quarter would like to change it.There are ways you can get over being sad. One of the easiest is having a chat with a friend or family member. Girls are more likely than boys to talk to their friends.

I understand that if this is you, it’s worth trying to speak up, because the numbers tell us that if you do you’re likely to be happier. I  also understand that we all have different feelings that we should all respect.

Is there another big component that people who feel sad go through?

Btn What are dreams?


Summary : Red

Facts : Blue 

Understandings: Green

Questions : Purple

Link :

This article was about what happens when we dream.

We dream for 2 hours every night. That is six years over the course of our life! Ancient Egyptians believed dreams were messages from the gods, sent to people that the gods chose as they slept. In Ancient China, dreams were believed to be journeys taken by souls that could leave someone’s body while they were sleep. Dreaming mostly takes place when we’re in the deepest stages of sleep and our brain activity increases. This is called the “Rapid Eye Movement Phase”, this stage makes our brain activity increases and can also mimic being awake. When we dream about faces, the part of our brain that involves in facial recognition lights up. Evidence suggests dreaming is also an important part of how we remember and form memories and could slowly improve our ability to problem-solve when we’re are awake.

I now understand that dreaming mostly takes part when we are in the deepest parts of our sleep. I also understand that the ancient Chinese and the Egyptians had different beliefs on what happens when you dream.

How are we going to work out how dreams come to us?